Greece/Horror in a butcher shop: A woman was dismembered by a meat cutting machine

How the horrible butcher's accident happened: "Her daughter came out screaming"


A tragic accident in Messolonghi, with the victim being a worker in a butcher's shop, occurred on Friday night.

The unfortunate woman, according to the first information, went to clean a machine that cuts meat and dismembered herself.

The incident took place in front of her daughter, who is in shock.

The Police, the Ambulance Service and the Fire Brigade rush to the scene in order to extricate the unfortunate woman.

According to what a neighbor told ERT, "her daughter came out and was calling for help. Some people entered the store, saw that they couldn't do anything to help, and finally EKAV rescuers, firefighters and police came. They took her to the hospital, but unfortunately the damage was done."

Source: First Topic