Greece: Great Fire in Koropi - Messages for area evacuations

The fire has entered houses

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A fire broke out at noon on Wednesday in low vegetation in Koropi.

According to the Fire Department, it is a difficult fire while the fire brigade is making efforts to contain it.

Strong firefighting forces are operating at the scene. In particular, there are 54 firefighters, 19 vehicles, 2 groups of infantry units, 4 aircraft and 6 helicopters on the front of the fire.

According to the first information, businesses and houses have been affected.

The fire has entered houses

The mayor of Varis-Voulas-Vouliagmenis explained that this is an area that is on the borders of the municipality, belongs to the municipality of Kropias, is sparsely populated and a great battle is being fought by the firefighters and from the air with the assistance of aerial means.

At least two houses have been heavily damaged by the fire, according to the mayor, while an evacuation order has already been given from Kitsi to Vari and from Lambrika to Agia Marina Avenue.

"From the information I had from the head of our own echelons who is there, it is that there are two houses where the fire has entered," he said specifically.

According to information which remains unconfirmed, two houses have been engulfed in flames.

The messages of 112

The first message from the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection states: "Forest Fire on Varis-Koropiou Avenue. Stay alert and follow the instructions of the authorities."

A few minutes later, 112 was called again to evacuate Lambrika and Kitsi.

Specifically, the second message from the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection calls on the residents of the Lambrika area and the residents of Kitsi to evacuate to Agia Marina Avenue and Vari respectively.

"Forest Fire in the area. If you are in the Lambrika area, move away towards Agia Marina Avenue," he said.

"Forest Fire in the area. If you are in the area of ​​Kitsi Koropi, move away towards Vari". This was the third message from 112 in the area in a few minutes

Which roads are closed?

Due to the occurrence of a fire in the area of ​​Koropio, the traffic of vehicles has been stopped: 1) Varis - Koropio road from Anargyruntos road,

2) Varis – Koropiou road from Tsagaraki street towards Koropi,

3) Varis - Koropiou Koropiou - Airport stream towards the beach.