Greece: Mystery with the deaths of 15 children - The doctor "saint" and the relationship with Cyprus

Dozens of reports about the doctor in question speak of a "saint without a cassock"

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An uproar has been caused in Greece in the last 24 hours due to the news that the authorities want to investigate a heart surgeon for malpractice. According to what was revealed by the journalist Vassilis Lambropoulos, the focus of the investigation is the mortality rate of the pediatric heart surgeon.

As the same journalist revealed last February, an investigation by the Transparency Authority began, under strict secrecy, to check a specific private clinic that performs these types of operations in order to find data from operating rooms and ICUs on the adequacy of staff. Recently, the pediatric cardiologist has left both hospitals where he worked.

The Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon's Answer – "I've Broken the Pitch"

As the doctor himself reports, speaking to Mega, no parent, from those who denounce him, has approached him, while he spoke of "revenge". "Nothing, nothing. When I quit and left and took my pension from Geneva, I closed the Swiss foundation and opened the Greek foundation. And all donors, there is transparency, we can open all accounts. And if you want I can send them to the Prosecutor to do the investigation so they can see.

To see if there are payments to the medical team, to….. Everything is clear. I'm not scary. I only fear God. It was a colleague, a former manager, who quit and left. I think it is this enmity of this colleague. And then started from 2019 – 2020 these anonymous letters – complaints without name and without signature. It's about revenge.

This surgeon was the only pediatric cardiac surgeon. Someone with world fame is coming. He tries to help the children. He doesn't ask for the fees he asks for, he pays after that to operate on a non-profit basis. This is. I've messed up. Things are simple".

The relationship with Cyprus

The doctor in question, a world-renowned and regular university professor in Geneva and Istanbul, also collaborated with medical centers in our country. The doctor, a cardiac surgeon of Greek origin, performed the first operations in Cyprus on children in February 2009. A second visit followed a few months later, during which three more cardiac surgeries were performed on children and one on an adult patient with congenital heart disease.

One of the three pediatric cardiac surgeries was performed on an infant who was born prematurely (at the 22nd week of pregnancy) and was the first pediatric cardiac surgery of its kind performed in Cyprus. In 2012 the doctor with his specialized team from Switzerland had started performing surgeries for congenital heart diseases.

He saved thousands of children

Dozens of reports about the doctor in question speak of a "saint without a cassock". He was Magdi Yakub's best student. His name has been associated with saving many heart patients in Lebanon, Georgia, Serbia, Cyprus, India, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritius, Mozambique, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Venezuela, Ukraine and in Botswana.