Greece: New testimonies about the shocking car accident with the drifting and abandonment of the 17-year-old

Many drivers were eyewitnesses to the abduction of the 17-year-old on Athens Avenue

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The apathy of drivers who saw the 17-year-old injured on the road, on Athens Avenue, who was dragged by a passing vehicle and left bleeding in the middle of the road, is shocking.

"For the car that reverses, there is testimony that says that it also hits the girl, traps her and turns back to free her," says, speaking to MEGA, the honorary president of the N/A Attica police, Giorgos Kalliakmanis.

"A witness says that the car that hit the girl is old and there were probably 3 people inside"

"There is a big investigation, frame by frame of the videos that exist to see exactly what happened and to find the one who hit the girl. (…) Another testimony says that the car that hit the girl is old and there were probably 3 people inside. And the make of the car has been told. When we have a testimony we check it, as it can be wrong."

As he says:

"The girl is in a very difficult situation. Two eyewitnesses were found who went and testified. (…) You don't know who has more responsibility, the one who hit or those who pass by and don't care at all. We are talking about serious bodily harm here."

They passed her for 10 minutes

The minor's body is thrown a few meters away on the asphalt, with the driver continuing his course undisturbed and never coming back to help her, just as it happened with all the other vehicles that passed by.

In fact, what the human mind cannot comprehend is how it appears a few minutes after an I.X. to finally stop, however the driver reverses and with a maneuver passes the 17-year-old and continues on his way as if nothing is happening.

Everyone's terrifying indifference lasted for a full 10 minutes.