GREECE: Dead 33-year-old athlete - Suddenly collapsed inside his house, he was found fallen in the bathroom

Michalis Siamatras passed away at the age of just 33, mourning Katerini and Kallithea Elassona, from where


Ο Michalis Siamatras He passed away at the age of just 33, mourning Katerini and Kallithea Elassona, where he came from.

The unfortunate man was a nurse, activist, athlete and active citizen in Katerini.

It is worth noting that he was found yesterday morning, by his family, fallen in the bathroom, unconscious.

He was immediately taken to the Hospital of Katerini, where he was pronounced dead.

Michalis Siamatras treasurer at the Association of Runners of Pieria "ZEUS"

The Board of A.P.S. Pieria Runners "ZEUS" met extraordinarily yesterday, Saturday, for the death of Michalis Siamatras, an active member of the Board of Directors of the Association (he held the position of Treasurer) and in a resolution he issued decided the following:

1. To declare three days of mourning for the Association.

2. The flags should be waving at half-mast in the offices of the Association in Katerini.

3. To deposit a sum of money in the Rescue Team of Pieria that he loved and served so much.

4. To keep the offices of the Association closed on Monday, January 17, 2022 as a sign of mourning.

5. To honor his memory in one of the sporting or cultural events of the Association when and if allowed.

6. To express his deep and sincere condolences to the family.

7. The rest of the Board of Directors should be present at the exit sequence.

8. To publish this resolution on the official website of the association and in the other media and social media.

His body will be in the Holy Cathedral of the Ascension in Katerini, today, Sunday, at 14:30. Half an hour later the funeral procession will begin.

via: Enimerotiko