Greece: "No" in the third installment for those under 18 - What applies to children who became ill

What sick children need to know and have planned to be vaccinated

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It is noted that today EODY announced 27.766 new infections, 85 dead and 654 intubated.

The 15.547 positive self tests of students and teachers have not been counted in the new infections, as they must be confirmed with a rapid test.

Theodoridou: 91% protection of children from MIS-C syndrome with two doses of Pfizer vaccine

As Mrs. Theodoridou explained, in people under the age of 18 there is no recommendation for a third dose except in adolescents and children who are immunosuppressed, due to drugs or some disease.

As Mrs. Theodoridou said, children who are ill and have planned to be vaccinated should know the following:

Children and adolescents who have become ill or are ill should get a dose of the vaccine after three months.

If a dose has been given before the illness of children and adolescents, no additional dose is needed.

Ms. Theodoridou also referred to new epidemiological studies that confirm the safety of vaccines in children and returning to the reasoning of the National Vaccination Committee for recommending vaccination to children and adolescents, said that it is clear that vaccination protects them.

He even referred to the multisystemic hyperinflammatory syndrome MIS-C, which occurs two to six weeks after the disease, whether it is mild or not, noting that according to the latest data, two doses of Pfizer vaccine effectively protect, in 91%, from this syndrome.

Mrs. Thodoridou also referred to the increased rate of diabetes observed in children under 18 years of age who became ill with covid-19 , something that emerges from international studies, emphasizing that infection is an increased factor for diabetes.

Returning to the questions asked about the fourth installment, she said that it is something that will be discussed in the future and the issue of the 4th installment depends on the epidemiological data.

She described the fourth dose of exercise on paper at the moment, while when asked if she shares the optimism expressed by some that we will be finished with the coronavirus in the spring, she said that "optimism is good but it is good to prepare for any other eventuality ».

"Omicron can establish a high level of immunity but it is not enough to create the herd's immunity," he said. He added that this virus has given us many variants in a short period of time and it is possible that it will give us more, so it makes sense for companies to prepare for the fourth installment. Optimism is needed but also readiness, he noted characteristically.

She stressed that the booster third dose offers very good protection and is essentially a shield for serious illness. Asked about the course of the flu in our country, he said that we have no evidence of a flu epidemic so far, while in the case of the combination of flu with coronavirus and the case that has occurred in a pregnant woman from Israel, he said that there are no significant records yet. .

Finally, she pointed out that based on what she knows from her colleagues, there are no intubated patients with Omicron in our country. It is worth noting that Ms. Theodoridou began her speech by talking about the millions of teaching hours lost due to the coronavirus and stressed that children and teachers responded to the call for self-monitoring before the schools opened. 2022 may not be a year with closed schools noted.

Themistocleous: 68,1% of the general population has completed the vaccination

For his part, Marios Themistokleous said that "we have exceeded 18.100.000 vaccinations in Greece. More than 7,15 million people have completed the vaccination, which means 68,1% of the general population.

In relation to the booster dose, 3,97 million vaccinations have been given to the beneficiaries. All citizens should have taken the third dose 7 months after the second dose and 3 months after the first, in the single dose vaccine.

440 thousand who have not scheduled the appointment for a reminder installment and are given priority, so as not to miss the dates. They have a deadline of January 31.

Those over 60 who have not been vaccinated have a deadline of January 16 and then the certification of fines will begin.

"More appointments will be made in the coming days, mainly in Attica."

At the same time, the Secretary General of Primary Health addressed "a call to pediatricians to contribute to the vaccination".

He also stressed that it is "extremely rare that there is a reason for non-vaccination".

He also clarified that "from today, those who have been vaccinated in an EU country or in the countries participating in the European vaccination certificate, will be able to upload their certificate on the platform».

Regarding the Pentelis Children's Hospital, Mr. Themistokleous pointed out: "Today it operated normally, there will be ten vaccination lines, the vaccinations will probably start on Monday".