GREECE: KTEL driver threatens a student who was not wearing a mask: "If I hit you in the cops, I will tell you if you put it on" -VIDEO

The KTEL driver will be subject to disciplinary control

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A student was treated by an unacceptable behavior by a bus driver because he was not wearing the mask during his embarkation.

In a video shown on the Mega news bulletin, by, the driver is recorded talking to unacceptable way to the student for his mask.

"Are you a dude?" You are a dude; E? You are a dude; Put the mask on, put it on and do not take off the mask again, with them kicks I will throw you out. Give your card, give your card. Shall I talk to you and write to you? Such a strong pen? Do you have such a strong pen?

And the following follows dialogue:

- I wore the mask
-Once I did not put it
-Once; Didn't the agency tell you to put it on? Did your mask come down from the agency until here?
- I put the mask on her
-Did you put the mask on her? If I slap you on the cops I will tell you if you put it. "Look, I am not a teacher, nor do I have an education or a doctorate", was the conversation between a driver and a student.

O bus driver, according to the same report, will be subject to disciplinary control for the expressions and characterizations he used against the student.

Watch the video here: