Greece: He went to light a cigarette and was charred in the car he was driving

Creepy facts from the forensic examination

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A driver is found charred in his car, on the way to his cottage. Police officers who were alerted by cyclists and rushed to the spot, ruled out the possibility of criminal action and everyone was waiting for the conclusion of the forensic examination for the causes of the fire.

The medical examiner of Patras, Andreas Gotsis, in addition to the cause of death, also concluded that the fatal vehicle was engulfed in flames. "Charcoal and from the remaining organs there are no indications to refer elsewhere," said medical examiner Andreas Gotsis in the newspaper "Peloponnisos".

The unfortunate man, on the day of the Epiphany, was found charred by firefighters during a fire in a private car, on the provincial road Chrysopigi - Lakkomaton of the Municipality of Erymanthos, Achaia. The macabre find was found in the driver's seat of an old Toyota corolla.

From the first moment, based on the findings of the Authorities and the autopsy of the medical examiner found at the scene, the possibility of criminal action was ruled out. The 56-year-old was in the area while maintaining his holiday home, near Vlasia.

According to information, the conclusion reached jointly by the investigators of the Fire Service and the Patras Security and the two experts who were appointed to investigate the incident, there was a leak of liquid fuel in the cabin of the car and possibly ignition (explosion), when the unfortunate 56-year-old tried to light a cigarette.

As a result, according to the report, "there was a release of gasoline vapors that had accumulated inside the cabin, the driver was stunned to catch fire and the car went off course."

Yesterday (17-01-2022), with the publication of the DNA (genetic material) results, the identification process of the body was completed. The funeral of the unfortunate 56-year-old father of two children, will be held today at 13.00 at noon in the Holy Temple of Agios Apostolos Mylon, in Begoulaki, Patras.