Greece: Fine 100 euros for those not vaccinated from Monday - Who will be excluded

In which cases is 50% of the fine imposed

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With the deadline for the unvaccinated over 60 to expire from Monday, January 17, come the announced administrative fines.

The government plans to impose an administrative sanction which, according to the data, concerns about 300.000 unvaccinated citizens who will see the fine of 100 euros in the Tax Office in February.

According to the report of Sofia Fasoulaki in the noon news bulletin of OPEN, in the coming days with a more probable date, tomorrow Thursday, the procedure for who can be exempted from the vaccine and therefore the fine, through a new platform will be specialized.

Who will be exempted from the administrative fine of 100 euros

According to OPEN, those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and who are obliged to declare it by January 14 are expected to be exempted from the administrative sanction first.

For this category of unvaccinated citizens, the fine will not be imposed until their request is considered.

Exceptions are also expected to be received by those citizens who belong to a foreign tax office and have had a third dose of vaccine outside Greece.

The prices of fines

It is reminded that according to the government announcements, for those who do not make any installment until January 16, the fine will be 100 euros per month, while 50 euros is the fine especially for January and half fine if the vaccination is done by the 15th.

For those over 60, the certificate expires 7 months after the 2nd installment.