Greece: €120.000 fine to a 76-year-old man who abandoned four cats

120.000-year-old fined 76 euros for abandoning four kittens in a cardboard box

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A fine of 120.000 euros was imposed on a 76-year-old resident of Rhodes for abandoning four kittens in a cardboard box.

The incident took place in Rhodes at the end of April 2023 and in addition to the criminal case filed against the 76-year-old, with which he will be held accountable in court, he has been fined 30.000 euros for each kitten, by the Rhodes Police Department, as provided by the current legislation, which is quite strict both at the criminal and administrative level.

In this case, according to what has become known, the 76-year-old allegedly abandoned the four kittens, which he had placed in a box, in an area near his house, on April 26, 2023.

The animals were in a bad condition and this led to a criminal case being filed against the 76-year-old for animal abuse, but also to a fine of 30.000 euros for each quadruped, i.e. a total of 120.000 euros.

In fact, after the completion of the procedure by the Rhodes Police Department that handled the case and the submission of objections by the offender, these fines, by decision of the head of the Financial Services of the Municipality of Rhodes, will pass through the competent services of the Finance Department of the municipality in order to all procedures are carried out to ascertain and collect the amount in full, in accordance with the Public Revenue Collection Code.

Source: ΑΠΕ- ΜΠΕ