GREECE: In prison, the 39-year-old who snatched a 6-year-old from home and abused her

The child lived nightmarish moments

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The child lived nightmarish moments

The 39-year-old Romanian, who abducted and is accused of molesting a 6-year-old girl, was remanded in custody with the consent of the Prosecutor and the Investigator.

Although he denied the allegations, he did not convince the prosecutor, who prosecuted him on a felony charge of attempted rape of a minor.

According to the complaint of the 27-year-old mother, the perpetrator, taking advantage of her own absence (she was in the hospital with her other child) and the owner of the house to whom she had entrusted the custody of the little one, took her to his apartment and carried out indecent acts. The child escaped at the last moment, when he was sought by the man whom the mother had trusted.

According to information from ERT about the specific incident, a social worker has visited the family to find out the living conditions of the family.