Greece: The details of the murder are shocking – He was arrested for hitting his grandson 15 days ago

The 81-year-old man who killed his wife was arrested for hitting his grandson 15 days ago

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New details are coming to light regarding the past of the 81-year-old man who on Friday morning killed his 12-year-old wife with 73 stab wounds in Alexandroupoli.

As it became known on June 5, the 81-year-old had again engaged the police authorities for domestic violence against his grandson. At that time, however, he had been released with a verbal order from the prosecutor.

According to the same information, the 73-year-old woman who today fell dead from the stabbings of the 81-year-old man, and their daughter and the mother of the little boy, had requested the services of the Alexandroupoli Police Department from the Alexandroupoli Primary Prosecutor's Office for a psychiatric examination of the man, but then the prosecutor had judged that such a move was not appropriate at the time.

It is also noted that the case file for the 81-year-old man's violence against his grandson was submitted to the Alexandroupolis District Attorney on June 17.

He had a fight with his wife 5 days ago

A day earlier, on the afternoon of June 16, a call was made to the police call center from the 81-year-old who spoke of problems with his daughter and wife.

The police who arrived at the scene found the elderly man and his wife. As they were told, a verbal episode had occurred because the 81-year-old had not received his medication.

At that time, there had been no additional movement beyond the registration of the incident at the AT of Alexandroupoli.