Greece: The vehicles were passing by for an hour and no one stopped for the 17-year-old who was swept away

For 10 whole minutes, helpless, as if thrown, the 17-year-old remained on the road with the vehicles passing her

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The body of the 17-year-old girl is thrown tens of meters away by the heavy impact of a passing car and lands on the road surface of Athens Avenue.

The time is 05:30 in the morning and in the video published by the driver of the car is recorded frame by frame as he hits the unfortunate girl on Athens Avenue at breakneck speed and disappears without hesitation.

Accident on Athens Avenue


However, the fact that for 10 whole minutes, as can be seen in the MEGA video below, helpless, as if thrown, the 17-year-old girl remained on the road with the vehicles passing her without even reducing their speed makes an impression. The driver of a passing car alone, stops for a moment, notices the girl lying on the road, reverses and with a maneuver passes the girl covered in blood.

Almost a minute later from the moment of the accident, pedestrians have gathered on the opposite side of the avenue, while cars, motorbikes and trucks continue to pass normally as if no one has been hit on the asphalt.

A few minutes later, a driver realized what was happening, stopped and put his car on the road to block traffic until the ambulance arrived. The driver who caused the accident is being sought.