Greece: End of June 1, the mask indoors

Where will the mask remain?

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In just two weeks, the masks will still be obligatorily used indoors in Greece, as the last measure for the pandemic is lifted so that we can return to our absolute daily life in the summer. On June 1, based on the government's decision, masks will no longer be mandatory indoors.

Many European countries have already abolished masks both indoors and outdoors, in an effort to revive their economies and keep citizens moving normally. In fact, as of Monday, May 16, the masks have been removed in most European countries and at airports and flights.

The committee of experts of the Ministry of Health, however, is meeting today in order to define the exceptions that will apply in our country. In other words, it will define the places where we will continue to wear masks after June 1st and for the whole summer.

Where will the mask remain?

There has long been speculation in the government whether there should be complete liberation from the masks as in the rest of Europe. That is why the scientists of the committee of the Ministry of Health, following a relevant request of the government, are called to decide that the masks will not be removed.

The main concerns are airports and flights where the risk of coronavirus spread remains high even if the pandemic is in remission.

In this context, it is considered certain that the mask will be maintained on public transport, in hospitals, in the care of vulnerable groups and possibly in supermarkets.

However, it is also possible that the mask will continue to be mandatory in our country on ships and aircraft, although the ECDC recommendations are to be abolished at both airports and aircraft.

Despite the recommendations of international and European organizations, each EU member state may make a different decision. However, according to Health Minister Thanos Plevris, because the mask is a mild constraint, "all European countries should try to have a common line."

The leadership of the Ministry of Health, however, would ideally like to differentiate our country from the other states and to continue to make the mask on the planes mandatory.

Source: RES-EAP