Greece: "What are you doing? I love you" the last words of the 63-year-old to her killer

The last moments of the 63-year-old woman are chilling

He killed his son because he saw photos of him in women's underwear

The last moments of the 63-year-old woman in Chalkida, who was killed with a knife by the 37-year-old man and her daughter's best friend, are chilling.

A person close to the unfortunate woman who was about to be murdered by his own hands in her home in Chalkida. In fact, the 63-year-old was so surprised that even when he was killing her with the knife, the 37-year-old shouted that he loved him.

As STAR reveals, the defendant described the last moments of the 63-year-old woman with these words: "Suddenly I saw Mrs. Maria standing with the pi. Then I lost it because I thought he would be in bed. As soon as he saw me he asked me "S... what do you want here?" Then I lost it, blurted out and thought I was caught!

I grabbed Mrs. Maria's hand and pushed her down the stairs. She fell about halfway up the stairs. She was shouting “Help, what are you doing? S... I love you”. Then I went to the kitchen, opened the drawers and took a knife I found. I remember it was big. I got down, pushed Mrs. Maria again and she reached the last step.

She was still talking to me and because I was afraid that we would be overheard, I hit her with the knife on the side of the neck several times to make her stop. I don't remember how many times I hit her."

What did he do after the crime?

In his cynical confession he describes his movements, immediately after the crime that shook Chalkida.

“As soon as he stopped talking, I went back to the apartment and looked for the money. I went to her daughter's room. I was lucky because as soon as I opened the closet and put the clothes away I saw a big box of coffee. I opened it and saw the money inside. I took them and left."

"I had to take the money to gamble"

As the Star report states, the first aggravating factor against the 37-year-old was a footprint that was found inside the house and at a point where he could not justify how it was found.

In fact, as he reported to the authorities, the money he found and grabbed was around 7.000 euros and he played it in electronic gambling.

The perpetrator apologizes

"A big apology to my parents and to Constantina," says the 39-year-old self-confessed perpetrator of the murder of the 63-year-old woman in Chalkida, through his lawyer on

Vassilis Valianos is the lawyer of the man who, with five knives, so violently took the life of the 63-year-old woman inside her house, in Chalkida, where he had entered to grab a large sum of money. Speaking to, Mr. Valianos conveys the words of the 39-year-old self-confessed perpetrator of the murder, who maintains that it was not a premeditated crime.

"He wants to say a big apology to his parents, to Constantina, the daughter of the deceased 36-year-old, who was his childhood friend and to the world he hurt. It was an act that was not premeditated, the gambling pushed him there to get money. He had no guile and didn't even think that something like this could happen."

As he points out to, his client "was an addict and told me that he had tried to quit. He was addicted to gambling before the coronavirus and in the pandemic it all got bigger, he was locked in the house and playing. His parents knew it but they could not imagine that he is in a difficult position. He told me he was in debt, but he didn't tell me where."

Mr. Valianos conveys what the confessed perpetrator described to him, namely that "while he thought she was lying down, he saw her and lost it at that moment. Until yesterday, his conscience was fighting with his logic."

The police suspected from the beginning that the 63-year-old woman's killer is a 39-year-old man, as fingerprints were found near the 63-year-old's body and security cameras saw him hanging around the house.

When they verified his fingerprints, they identified him and yesterday Monday (3/6/24) they brought him in. Within a few minutes the perpetrator confessed to his act and as he reported to his lawyer, he owed money from gambling.