Greece: He beat her so much that they thought she was the victim of a car accident

Shocking revelations - Extremely dangerous perpetrator

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The 40-year-old woman, who was severely beaten by her partner, who is wanted for the 3rd consecutive day, is fighting to stay alive in the hospital.

The unfortunate woman, who is being treated at "Evangelismos", underwent a craniotomy, with the doctors being shocked by the image they were called to face.

It is characteristic that the injuries inflicted by the woman, made the doctors think that she was a victim of a car accident and not domestic violence.

They found her unconscious on the floor

EKAB rescuers found the woman in a miserable condition. Fallen unconscious on the floor. She was transported to "Evangelismos" with severe craniocerebral injuries.

The perpetrator has disappeared in the car of his parents, who passed away a while ago.

Police have launched a manhunt to locate and arrest him.

The 46-year-old is extremely dangerous

Her 46-year-old partner hit her furiously on the head until she fainted. Martial arts athlete. He is described as an extremely dangerous person by the police who are looking for him for attempted murder.

The drama of the 40-year-old woman was hidden for a long time inside a small apartment on Olympias Street in Argyroupoli. He was in a relationship with a man with a violent past and criminal behavior towards women.

He is a 46-year-old Judo athlete, participating in many competitions in the 100 kg category. She is 40 years old, a resident of Argyroupolis. No permanent job lately.

In the neighborhood they saw the couple but did not know what was happening behind the closed door of the apartment.

According to the case file, at 07:30 last Friday morning, the 46-year-old attacked his partner and started hitting him furiously all over his body and mainly on his face and head.