Greece: The motive of the brutal murder - The perpetrator and uncle of the 11-year-old girl was convicted of rape

The facts about the horrific murder of the 11-year-old by the 37-year-old cousin of the child's mother are shocking.

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The facts about the horrific murder of 11-year-old Vasiliki in Ilia, by the 37-year-old cousin of the child's mother, are shocking.

The little girl who had been missing since Sunday evening from the village of Myrtia, was found dead early Monday afternoon in a field approximately 25 kilometers from her home and from where the perpetrator grabbed her.

The 37-year-old has not answered the police about whether he raped the unfortunate little girl

She had sharp object injuries on her neck. The 37-year-old allegedly confessed to killing the child with a screwdriver and hiding it in a field. In fact, he was the one who pointed out to the police the spot where the girl was dead.

Police are investigating the possibility that the attacker sexually assaulted or sexually assaulted the girl who may have resisted and eventually killed her.

The 37-year-old has not answered the police about whether he raped the unfortunate little girl, with the final answer expected to be given by the medical examiner. The confessed perpetrator will be taken to the investigator on Tuesday morning. According to the information, the man tried to rape the child and because he was afraid of not revealing it, he killed him.

He had been convicted of rape

As it became known, the specific person had been sentenced, for the rape of a minor under 15 years of age, to nine years in prison and remained free on probation, until the appeal was heard.

Specifically, he was accused that in 2017, he hit a minor on the head with a stone in the area of ​​Myrtia and then raped her. The case was heard at the Zakynthos Magistrate's Court in 2020 and despite his conviction, he was not sent to prison, but was released on parole.

"He wanted to have intercourse with the child"

Referring to the brutal murder of the 11-year-old, police analyst Giorgos Kalliakmanis noted:

“This little girl said she was going to her grandfather. His grandfather was absent from the house and went to the square. He often went to the square and played with other children. At one point, a black car can be seen turning on the alarms, stopping in front of the girl. Reported missing around 03.00 at night.

The Police did not take it as a simple incident. They ran, gathered evidence, the next day they were able to find that a guy got into the black car they brought him and he confessed to killing the child and pointed to the place where he had left it. He was in a field with some reeds. From what he says he killed it at the same spot. This man had a criminal record, he was arrested years ago for raping a minor."

According to Mr. Kalliakmani:

"This man was the mother's cousin and the best man of the family whenever the child felt comfortable, he was not afraid. Let's see if there are any prior incidents involving this guy and the kid. We are waiting for the forensics.

From what he said, he wanted to have sexual intercourse with the child, the child did not accept and resisted. We will see if the child is raped and we will see if someone has been raping him for a long time", he concludes.

The Chronicle of Styger Crime

On Sunday night, 11-year-old Vasiliki had told her mother that she would go to her grandfather's house, which is a short distance from theirs, but she never managed to arrive.

In the analysis of security cameras in the area, it was found that a vehicle approached the 11-year-old and she got into the car, which led to the conclusion that she knew the driver, who turned out to be the uncle.

The authorities initially proceeded to bring in the 37-year-old who then confessed that he was the one who killed the minor.

From the first moment the girl's mother reported her daughter missing, the Police searched for video footage from security cameras.

In one of the store's cameras, it was found that little Vasiliki was recorded at night going to her grandfather as the mother stated.

In the shot on the left, the 11-year-old can be seen walking on the sidewalk and standing at the intersection.

In the same shot, the black car that stops a few meters down seems to pass in front of her.

At the end of the video presented by patrisnews, another camera shows the black car passing and stopping out of the shot, and then the girl running towards it.

The fact that the girl ran alone and got into the car led the police to conclude that the driver was known and trusted.

As it turned out he was the uncle and then the man who would become her killer.