Greece: An unvaccinated couple died of coronavirus - They left behind 3 children

They died 14 days apart - They were influenced by the spirit who guided them

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A family tragedy unfolded in Lamia as a 57-year-old father of three died of a coronavirus in the ICU of the city hospital, where he was hospitalized for several days. His death came 15 days after that of his wife, who also died of coronavirus.

The two were admitted to Lamia hospital on November 23rd and after a week had to be intubated, as their oxygen levels were low due to the coronavirus. His 52-year-old wife died on December 13 and he continued to fight and overcome the virus, but the damage left to him was irreparable.

According to, they were not vaccinated and their opinion about the vaccine was negative, despite what the 52-year-old cousin, who is a rescuer of EKAB, told them. He repeatedly tried to persuade them to get vaccinated, but failed.

Speaking on television, the 52-year-old's cousin had stated that they had been influenced by the spiritualist who was guiding them.

Source: edaily