He was playing with the mosquito repellent and found a natural death: Tragedy for the 10-month-old baby – the mother is inconsolable

A family tragedy occurred in Argyros Evia with a one-year-old baby who was electrocuted while playing with the mosquito repellent and ended up.

epaize me to antikoynoypiko kai vrike tpagiko thavato thpinos gia to 10 minon vrefaki apapigoriti i mana MOSQUITO repellent, electric shock, dead baby

A family tragedy occurred in Argyros Evia with a one-year-old baby who was electrocuted while playing with mosquito repellent and it ended.

Both the parents and the grandmother of the unfortunate infant are bent over talking to Mega. The baby's grandmother described how the unfortunate infant died.

"The children were fine. They were playing and he put his hand on the socket. He had something small there for the mosquitoes, he put his little hand there. In this mosquito machine that was plugged in".

"She was with dad at the time"; asked the journalist with the woman answering that the baby was with its mother. "He was very, very careful. He was there, there he was close to him", he said.

“When they brought it here it was dead. His brain cells had died. Now my mother said that the incident happened at 11 instead of 10 in the morning. He tried to pull an insect repellent out of the socket and got hurt electric shock», said the doctor of the Health Center where the unfortunate infant was taken.

“He told me he contacted a pediatrician and recommended they do some kneading until they come over here to the health center", the doctor added, referring to the mother. "The trend we have in our house is enough. And if he were big, he would kill him. And if I put my hand in the socket, it will kill me. The trend we have in our house can kill anyone young or old", the doctor added.


"She put her fingers in an indoor mosquito repellent"

For her part, the mother of the one-year-old baby noted that "She got an electric shock, I pulled her but I didn't catch her. There I was. We have a lot of these small mosquito repellents in the area, we are in a village and we have a lot of mosquitoes all day. He found an opening and put three fingers inside. I immediately called the pediatrician and he told me to pour water on her. I dumped her, called my husband, he came home and we went to the health center. The pediatrician guided me, I massaged him and put air in his mouth.

I did as I was told. I did what the doctor told me. I was told by the hospital because he was not wearing shoes, the child is small, now he walked, he is ten months old. I was told that because he wasn't wearing shoes he got grounded. They kind of said it. If he wore shoes he wouldn't get electrocuted. It was barefoot I was told and that's why it hit it. Now he walked, now, he couldn't with shoes. May no other mother have my pain.

He was in the rising stage. From crawling go to lifting. She put her fingers in a room mosquito repellent, the child was thrown back, my wife pulled her and called me. When we brought her to the health center she was breathing. Finally, the doctor came out and said to me "that's it, it was instantaneous, friend. His heart was just working.”.

The body of the unfortunate infant is to be transferred to the Chalkida Hospital, so that an autopsy can be performed and the cause of death can be confirmed.


via: Enimerotiko