Restarting the railway in the morning after the tragedy in Tempe

The first passengers of the suburban train are numb, they do not hide that they are afraid - The station master, one of the most experienced of the OSE, gives the signal

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On the tracks, the commuter train and the trains that stopped running after the deadly train accident in Tempi.

The first passengers timidly approached the ticket offices. They avoid the first carriages, while they do not hide that they are afraid, an indication that they are wary of the assurances of the government and those responsible for the resumption of routes safely. “I have to go to work” said the first lady who sat in the seat of the train to add after some thought “we are moving. I can't be held back by fear.

At 04.45, the first train that ran a test route left Larissa station. On the next route Athens - Oinoi, the new managing director of OSE, Panagiotis Terezakis, also boarded, who emphasized that "we will do everything humanly possible to regain the trust of the passenger public" and spoke about the new security measures being implemented .