Urgent prosecutor's investigation into the fires in Penteli and Megara

Urgent prosecutor's investigation into the fires in Penteli and Megara

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An urgent public prosecutor's investigation is being launched into the fires that broke out on Tuesday afternoon, starting in Penteli, between Drafi and Dau, and spreading to Anthousa, Geraka and Pallini, as well as the one that broke out yesterday in areas of Megara.

With her order to the Prosecutor's Office of First Instance, the head of the Prosecutor's Office of Appeals Maria Gane Requests the conduct of an urgent preliminary examination with the aim of seeking criminal responsibilities, in all directions, for the causes of the fires that caused the destruction of thousands of acres of forest and agricultural land and residents' property.

Mrs. Gane requests that the evidence be studied and potential responsibilities be sought for the commission of specific criminal acts involving the offenses of arson, forest arson and violations of environmental protection legislation. In this context, all the evidence and information that will be made available to the prosecuting authority will be used, including lawsuits that may be submitted by citizens.

The investigation will be carried out by a prosecutor who is called upon to scrutinize and interpret the data of the two events that hit Attica, causing enormous ecological destruction as well as the loss of property, houses and vehicles, in order to determine whether there are indications of attribution of responsibility and to identify who are the culprits.

Source: RES-EAP