Episodic sanctification at school: “Should I hold the cross and wear a mask? Same on you"

epeisodiakos agiasmos se scholeio na kratao ton stayro kai na forao maska ​​ntropi sas Αγιασμός, ΙΕΡΕΑΣ, Κορονοϊός, μάσκες

The new school year, however, began sanctification at the General Lyceum in Amyntaio was covered by tensions with the hierarch starring.

Despite the fact that the pandemic is rampant and serious reservations are expressed about the epidemiological footprint that may lead to the opening of schools, a clergyman in Amynteo he put them up with teachers, during the consecration ceremony at school, because they urged the children not to take off the mask when they kiss the cross.

In particular, according to Kozan.gr, tension was caused during the ceremony of the established holy communion in view of the new school year, in General High School of Amyntaio which was carried out by Archimandrite Fr. Sebastianos Topalis, in the presence of the Deputy Regional Governor P.E. Florinas, Ioannis Kiose, the Mayor of Amyntaio, Anthimos Bitakis and representatives of the teaching staff and students, in compliance with all health protocols, due to the pandemic.

The strong reaction of Archimandrite Fr. protective mask during the greeting of the Holy Cross, as well as the prohibition of the presence of the priest in the classrooms of the school, since he was not wearing the required face mask.

Agiasmos in Amynteo: "Should I hold the cross and wear a mask?"

"Will the cross infect people?" the hierarch asks visibly irritated and continues furiously: "Same on you. At least close it in front of me. The rulers of the place kissed the cross without a mask and you will make an episode of me here at the time of sanctification. And forbid me to enter the classrooms because I do not wear a mask. Should I hold the cross of Christ and wear a mask? Same on you. It's shameless… »

And he concluded: "The rulers of the place set an example of piety to our children and what do you give?"

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