Vitriol attack: The three mistakes that "betrayed" the 35-year-old


The "tools" used by the police for an online jealousy story that did not have hidden loves and unfulfilled passions but a friend request on Facebook and some likes in photos
With FBI methods and taking advantage of small mistakes made by the 35-year-old "vitriolist of Agia Eleousa", the police managed to investigate the high-profile case of the vitriol attack within twenty days and send it to justice.

A bizarre story of online envy that had no hidden loves and unfulfilled passions but a friend request on Facebook and some likes on photos… And yet it ended up in the mind of a woman who was sinking day by day into a distorted reality, ruining two lives and sinking in grief relatives and friends of the perpetrator and her victim.

The analysts of the Athens Security Sub-Directorate and the Kallithea Security Department worked scientifically. After finding out that they do not deviate from the testimonies and testimonies. Cameras, cell phones, recorded messages were the triptych on which they worked and solved the riddle.

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The 35-year-old studied her satanic plan for months. He knew that the cell phone was Orwell's "big brother" and closed it at the time of the attack. But that was her first mistake. Because all the other suspects had it open - and they were sending signals from other places - while she herself had it closed and so she went straight to the polls.

Second mistake, her move to call from a phone card to close the taxi of her escape. From this phone card she also invited a Bangladeshi gardener for a personal job. And this phone call from the "guilty" phone card, was central to the investigation of the case. Because she called him and she didn't have a signal, as a result of which the number was stored in a message and then she called him from her mobile phone. So, when the foreigner was called to give explanations about the incident, he gave the name of the 35-year-old.

The third small mistake is to have her voice recorded in a recorded message when she called a radio taxi and her body type with the coat and the black backpack when she didn't notice and a camera "stole" her body type.

Finally, the fact that she never threw away the red wig she was wearing, the phone card and the black backpack found on her during her arrest yesterday morning and the subsequent home search were the ones that sent her to the prosecutor with accusations. to the extent of a felony.

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The profile of the vitriolist

The 35-year-old, from a village in Amfilochia, seems to have been living in her own "black" world lately. Blurred with hatred, jealousy and thirst for revenge for her roommate who may not have been close but kept company from time to time.

A relationship that did not progress and a friend request made by her friend in Ioannina and that unsuspecting accepted it was the one that overflowed the glass of half and rage and put forward the defense mechanisms against the enemy that built in her mind and the plan of revenge .

Ioanna became obsessed with her. The blonde stalker. he started watching her. Not only did she "follow" her on social media, but in every photo that changed the victim, she "liked" it. A friendly attack before the horrific attack that would forever change the life of the 35-year-old.

As it appears on Facebook at 12:18 midnight, from Tuesday to Wednesday, May 20, Efi had set up an online cartoon in the role of a satanic stalker, as soon as she saw that Ioanna made a change in her profile, she did "like". A few hours later, she would guard the company's elevator and "bathe" the unfortunate 35-year-old with caustic liquid to destroy her face and life.