Eva Boudouris: The family of the radio producer asks for answers about her sudden death

Sadness and torturous questions

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Eva Boudouri agreed to have surgery after being diagnosed with an aneurysm, but never recovered from the coma she fell into during the operation.

Her own people are now trying to realize what happened and ask to know the causes of her sudden demise.

"We are all lost. It is from the moments when you try to balance the pain, the anger, the question, the agony. The pain for the time being prevails ", said, speaking to MEGA, Eva Boudouri's uncle.

"Surely we all ask for some answers, so you do not let your man go without looking to find the cause. Certainly, answers will be sought, responsibilities will be sought. "First we have to understand what happened and then" he noted characteristically.

According to people around her, the 40-year-old had not felt the slightest from the aneurysm, while she had not complained and had not shown any symptoms that make her worried.

She had to have surgery so that she would not be in danger in the future, as her doctor had told her.

Her unexpected end caused a wave of emotion that spread from the radio station "En Lefko" where she worked, throughout Greek society.