Ferentinos vs. vaccines: "Dangerous to feed your children, they may die of drowning"

Christos Ferentinos with a video that he posted on his personal instagram account, stunned the vaccinators.

ferentinos enantion antiemvoliaston epikindyno na taizeis ta paidia soy mporei na pethanoyn apo pnigmo ANTIEMBOLIASTES, Christos Ferentinos

Ο Christos Ferentinos through his personal instagram account, he ostracized the vaccinators.

Christos Ferentinos speaks like a negative

The presenter speaks like a negative and uses words that we might hear from a negative who does internet research and does not trust the scientific and substantiated opinion of doctors.

The adventure of Christos Ferentinos with the coronavirus

It is recalled that the presenter also passed the coronavirus, as he recently revealed in the magazine OK !, as well as his ex-wife, Sofia Pavlidou, with whom they have a perfect relationship, while they have two twin boys.

"Once I almost died because I swallowed while I was eating. I did my research and found that I am not the only one who has suffered. Thousands of people drown every year from food and hundreds of them even die. This is why I do not feed my children. It is dangerous. Now many will say that food prevents starvation and this may be true of course but we should not know all the dangers of food such as drowning, allergies, gingivitis and bad breath.

I just say do your research and decide what is best for you and your children. If you decide to give your children potentially deadly food, this is your problem. "But as a parent, I do not think the government has any right to tell me that I have to feed my children."