Fire on Mount Athos: "Several cells were in danger", says a monk

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Fighting with the flames, the air and fire brigades are fighting early in the morning, in order to reduce the fire that has broken out in an inaccessible place in the hermitage of Agia Anna, on Mount Athos.

According to, a monk and secretary at the "Orchard of the Virgin" in the area, winds of 7 Beaufort are blowing, with the result that the task of extinguishing it is difficult:

"Although strong winds are blowing in the area, the situation seems to have improved. It was about eight in the morning when he learned. It all started -unknown how- from the hermitage of Agia Anna, which belongs to the holy monastery of Megisti Lavra. where a fire had broken out in the direction of the beach. As a result, several cells were endangered. The battle was not to pass the fire to the ravine, as the point is inaccessible. If it passed, there would be a serious problem. The winds in the area reach at least 7 Beaufort, but after the race the fire seems to have been reduced to the sea. "Planes are constantly flying, while the Fire Brigade and the Coast Guard are at the spot."