Fire at the University of Crete (images & videos)

The mobilization for the extinguishing of the fire at the University of Heraklion, which is currently under control, is complete, as Evripidis Koukiadakis, Deputy Regional Head of the Regional Unit of Heraklion, told APE - MPE.

The fire reportedly started from a building used as a warehouse by the "Venizelio" Hospital - and spread immediately, as Giannis Leontarakis, Deputy Regional Chief of Civil Protection, told APE - MPE.

According to him, the fire concerns a building that belongs to the complex of homes "without any problems so far with the students, whose counting continues".

However, according to Mr. Koukiadakis, the information he has from the students is that there is no problem since everyone has communicated with each other, as he mentioned.

The immediate mobilization of the helicopter is characterized as important, which with the continuous drops it managed to reduce to the extent of the fire. At the same time, from Athens, as mentioned by Mr. Koukiadakis, the ERICSON helicopter is expected, while the assistance of the private aquifers of Heraklion was requested, the owners of which immediately rushed to the scene of the fire.

Initially, Knossos Avenue was closed to vehicles, but at this time the traffic is normal.

Mr. Koukiadakis asked not to open their windows to the residents of the area adjacent to the university as the elements of tobacco and their possible danger are unknown. The fire brigade was asked if there is a need to evacuate the residents of nearby houses, but as he stated, there are no reasons for their evacuation, he said.

As Mr. Leontarakis stated in APE-MPE, the damage must be great because prefabricated facilities with material and technical equipment are burning.

The Rector of the University of Crete arrives in Heraklion in a short time while his information about the conditions is continuous.