Horror in Greece: The sentence to a father for the sexual abuse of his children

What the children's mother testified

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A total sentence of 16 years and two months in prison was imposed yesterday by the Larisa Mixed Court of Appeal (MOE) on a man from Larissa for a series of offenses related to the sexual abuse of his two minor children.

According to larissanet.gr, the man was accused of sexually abusing his minor daughter from 2014 to 2020, while he also attempted to abuse his youngest daughter.

How the horror was revealed

The torture of the two children at the hands of the father was revealed to the police by their mother three years ago when she found her husband abusing the eldest daughter in their residence in a village of Trikala.

The mother testified during the first hearing on March 21, that in February 2020 she "caught" the husband with her daughter in the latter's room. The fear for her husband was what prevented her, as she testified, from immediately reporting the incident to the police, but in September 2020 and after seeking help from a counseling center for abused women, she decided together with her daughter and son to report the incident to the authorities.

The 47-year-old, currently from Larisa, is accused of forcing his daughter, who in 2014 was only 2020 years old, to "intercourse two to three times a week" and "genital acts" in Larissa and Trikala from October 14 to April 12. while he tried to abuse his youngest daughter in the car.

His daughter, now an adult, testified about her father's heinous acts in a tense atmosphere at the second hearing on March 31, which took place behind closed doors. Finally, after the mother reported the incident, the man was arrested by police officers of the local Trikala Security Department and was sentenced at first instance in 2021 by the Mixed Jury Court of Karditsa to 18 years in prison.

"Orchestrated Plan"

In his statement yesterday, the defendant denied all the charges and spoke of an "orchestrated plan" on the part of his wife. When asked by the president why they should do this to his detriment, the defendant replied that his wife's "environment" did not want him and mentioned that their relations had been strained for many years due to some inheritance disputes.

It should be noted that during the first hearing, photographs from the family's vacations were presented by the Defense, while defense witnesses, relatives of the accused, testified about a normal family.

"The real image of the family"

However, in his sentence, the district attorney focused on the "real image" of the family which, as he said, was not that of the summer vacation but that of "voices and incidents". Yesterday, the prosecutor reminded the audience of the statements of the woman and the defendant's children who talked about violent behavior towards them, and he focused on the statements of the girls, especially the youngest, about the episode of abuse with her father in Larissa. In the end, the prosecutor proposed the defendant's guilt, as in the first instance, stressing however that his proposal has several differences from the first instance court, especially in the issue concerning the timing of the act of rape since, as the court mentioned, it made the "mistake" to extends until 2020.

The court in turn found the accused guilty and imposed, rejecting mitigating circumstances, a total prison term of 16 years and two months for the acts of rape from 2014 to 2016, seduction, intercourse between relatives and attempted of sexual intercourse with a minor.

Source: in.gr