"Damn, freedom": Andreas Konanos revealed with a video that he is gay

"It's simple, even if it looks complicated," said the popular former priest who resigned

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With a video entitled "Damn you, gay", former priest Andreas Konanos shared with his online friends that he is gay.

In the caption accompanying the video, Andreas Konanos wrote:

«It's simple, even if it looks complicated.

It is human, even if they call it monstrous.

It is the truth of many people on our planet, even if some others call it an "anomaly".

It is what it is!

That is, a reality that applies.

And let everyone say their researched or fanatical opinion.

Life does not fit into molds and boxes, however much this allows a "dignified" shot, saving us from the anxiety of existence and the bold risks that call for change and real "repentance" = change of mind.

Life is mysterious, unpredictable and beautiful in its infinite variety and diversity, without asking us if we agree with its "crazy" plans.

Everything calls for a struggle for development and maturity, for acceptance and unity.

Surely we all fit on this earth.

Beneath her shell, the only sure thing.

May our coexistence on its surface be filled with love, respect and harmony!

It benefits us all!

I am grateful that the time has come to make this video, revealing – as honestly as I can – my personal truth!

And it's touching that, even after this revelation, there are still so many wonderful people around me, like you, who continue to love me and be in my life!

This genuine soul connection and sincere friendship is one of the most beautiful things we can experience on this earth.

To these people I address and thank them with all my heart.

Others – just as wonderful people as they are – have their own reasons for struggling.

I understand and respect them.

But don't be afraid! They are not in danger!

Life is short, just a few more decades.

Let everyone go their own way, looking at themselves, focusing on what they love and hanging out with those they stick with and feel comfortable with.

That's what I've been doing for the last few years.

With this video, I know, I'm done!

But that's why everything that comes out between us, like a log, in the end, is both "completely beautiful" and completely true.

All that Love, Light and Connection.

It is so wonderful to love the truth of any friend you have, and not just the window, the profile, and the various camouflages they use out of fear, shame, and for social "survival" reasons.

This truth is the most liberating, healing and life-giving thing!

It's what I deserve, and you, and all of us!

It is, I can say, our destination and mission!

I explain the rest in detail in the video.

Thank you!

Andreas Konanos».


Watch the video:


Who is Andreas Konanos?

Andreas Konanos was born in Munich in 1970. He comes from Ioannina, lived in Munich and since 1977 in Athens. He finished the classical Lyceum in Peristeri and studied Theology in Athens.

The blessed Archbishop Christodoulos ordained him deacon in 1999 and in 2000 Elder and Archimandrite. He took over in his parish student meetings, vigils, speeches, as well as lectures in parents' schools and spiritual centers of the Archdiocese of Athens.

In 2006 he started the show "Invisible Passages" on the Radio Station of the Piraeus Church. This became an occasion to accept invitations for speeches in many cities of Greece, Cyprus and America.

In 2020, with a post on his personal Facebook account, Andreas Konanos made it known that he had resigned from the priesthood after submitting his resignation to the Holy Archdiocese of Athens.

Known for his speeches and for his rich written work, the former archimandrite and vicar of the Holy Church of Agios Andreas of Agia Paraskevi Attica, decided to turn a page in his life, after almost 20 years of priesthood.

It's made of especially beloved and with a rich intellectual and literary workhimself, with over 120.000 followers on Instagram and over 100.000 on YouTube.

Source: Protothema.gr