Glyka Nera: The trial was suspended for June 1 – The pilot studies for Panhellenic

This is the 5th interruption of the trial in question

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The second-degree trial of the pilot, for the murder of his 1-year-old wife Caroline, in Glyka Nera, was adjourned until June 20. This is the 5th interruption of the trial in question.

The defendant's lawyers did not attend, due to other professional obligations, while the 35-year-old did not appear at the Court of Appeal either because he is preparing for his participation in the Panhellenic Examinations. He's aiming for law school, and for that reason, he's been spending his time reading lately.

The above information caused the reaction of Caroline's family advocate, who emphasized that it is questionable why he is suffering, while with his great acting talent he can enter the Drama School.

Today, prosecution witnesses were scheduled to testify, while the statements of the parents of the perpetrator, who has been sentenced to life imprisonment and have been called as defense witnesses, are awaited with interest.

Source: ERT