Glyka Nera: Anagnostopoulos resigns from the trial

Babis Anagnostopoulos resigns from the trial at the Court of Appeal, also stops the Panhellenic courts - "He is in a bad situation", says his lawyer

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The pilot who has confessed to the murder of his wife Caroline, in the highly acclaimed case in Glyka Nera, announced his decision to withdraw from the appeal against the first instance decision.

"My client, for extremely serious reasons that are not publicized, has decided to waive all legal remedies, specifically the appeal he filed against the decision of the Mixed Jury Court of Athens", says his lawyer in a statement, stressing that the procedures to the Prosecutor's Office are underway of Appeals of Athens and before the Mixed Court of Appeal of Athens in order not to continue his trial in the second instance.

In addition, he clarifies that "on the subject of the All-Hellenic Examinations, that due to the developments and as he is in a very difficult psychological situation, he cannot complete his participation in them and therefore will not attempt to be admitted to schools of Higher Education".

Source: ERT