Glyka Nera: Rapid developments - Police close to Babi's accomplice

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Rapid developments are expected for the murder of women in Glyka Nera that shocked the nation.

Authorities appear to be one step ahead of handcuffing people from the very close family of the confessed murderer, Babi Anagnostopoulos.

In the last few hours, according to the newspaper OnTime, there is information that an arrest warrant will be issued against him in the coming days, as new information seems to emerge regarding his involvement in the Freshwater case.

Help Babis Anagnostopoulos hide that he was Caroline's killer
The person who has close relations with the family of 20-year-old Caroline Krauts does not seem to be involved in the cold-blooded murder of her husband but in what followed the brutal murder, when the 33-year-old Anagnostopoulos was trying to hide his traces and convince pan-Hellenic that Caroline was the victim of a heinous murderous robbery.

According to the experienced police officers handling the case, it is considered certain that the 32-year-old pilot had an accomplice, not during the commission of the horrible crime but after… in order to "erase" the traces that would betray his horrific act.

Besides, as Realnews had revealed, at the beginning of August, the man behind the threats to the mental health counselor is being investigated by the Hellenic Police, having at his disposal serious indications for the 32-year-old pilot accomplice in the horrible crime in Glikon Nero maisonette .

In particular, the mental health counselor had received three threatening messages from an unknown number, through which a man was threatening her. ". I will kill you if you do not do what is right," the man told her angrily on the phone.

It is worth noting that the moment she receives these threatening phone calls, Ms. Mylonopoulou, is when it had already become known that she had been summoned by the Security and had given a full statement, for the sessions she had with the 20-year-old wife of the confessed murderer.