Woman with coronavirus faints inside the pharmacy

The 73-year-old woman went to the pharmacy to get an oxygen meter.

farmakeio KORONIOS, pharmacy

There is no end to the dramatic images coming from all over the country and coronavirus patients. A pharmacist had a frightening experience in the New World, when a 73-year-old woman who had coronavirus, entered yesterday in a bad condition, half-willed and panting asking for an oxygen meter, and then collapsed.

He had been vaccinated a few days before

As the pharmacist Elias Katsogiannis stated to ERT, the elderly woman was a frequent visitor and they knew about the health problems she was facing. She even said that she had the single dose vaccine on November 25, however she must have been infected with the coronavirus earlier and showed symptoms two days after her vaccination.

Mr. Katsogiannis stated that he initially put the woman in a seat that existed in the area, but because he was constantly fainting he took out a ranch he had for the vigils and laid her there until EKAB arrived, which due to a heavy load arrived after 3- 4 hours and received it.