Despina met the guardian angel who gave her life as a bone marrow donor (BINTEO)

The moment Despina meets the donor who saved her life

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The story of Despina Vouchouris from Chios is one of those that move, give messages but above all teach that a simple process, such as registering in the bone marrow donor list, can save another person's life.

Despina Vouchouri's adventure began three years ago on March 5, 2021, when she was admitted to the Hospital with symptoms of HIV, reports

The moment when Despina Vouchouri meets the donor who saved her life

Continuous tests, however, led to the exact diagnosis, that of acute myeloid leukemia (AML), that is, a cancer of the cells of the white line, characterized by rapid growth of white blood cells that accumulate in the bone marrow and prevent hematopoiesis.

“I had 80% bad cells in my bone marrow. I was ready to "travel". I was 4,5 months continuously in Metaxas with a lot of struggle and effort. Today I praise God because I reached 26 months and I am alive among you, thanks to one of the two Greeks who were found compatible with me and also thanks to my excellent doctors", said Mrs. Vouchouri and continued: "I had the rarest group AB+ and two 100% histocompatible Greeks were found, one gave but I don't know who he is. I gave my details and now I'm waiting for him to ask me. We know that he is number 198 from "Vision of Hope" and I really want to meet him", she said excitedly, in front of dozens of friends and acquaintances who responded to the call of her son Giorgos, on the pretext of celebrating her birthday in the garden of the house them in the area of ​​Evangelistria.



Despite the dozens of invitations, few knew that among the guests was No. 198, the handball coach Athanasios-Sakis Valavanis from Drama, whom George tracked down through the internet, as a result of which they got in touch and then found himself in Chios with his family.

To set up the apocalypse, Giorgos Xylas devised a trick. That a mistake was made on the balloons and instead of writing his mother's date of birth, he wrote his own.

"Every obstacle is good", said George and added: "In order for this number to have some meaning, we cut the "4" and we are left with the number 198. Is there anyone among us with No 198 from "Vision of Hope"? ", asked Sakis Valavanis to get up amid applause and embrace the man who saved his life.

"They call me a hero, he said, I don't accept it, I am a simple person, who participated in the most simple process, giving a life", he said moved to fall back into the arms of Miss Vouhouri, who gave him the gold Brigadier that he wore on a pendant and who, as she had said earlier, saw him 3 times alive in "Metaxa", at the time when her friends from the surrounding beds were dying one after another.

Father Christophoros Gourlis, support and family, as Mrs. Despina said, whom she publicly thanked many times for his help and continuous support all these years.

The Vision of Hope was founded by the late Marianna V. Vardinogiannis in 2014. Within 10 years, thanks to the association's continuous action, 160.000 of our fellow human beings have become voluntary bone marrow donors and 357 of them have been found to be compatible