The disappearance ‑ thriller of the 20-year-old from Greece

The reversal after allegations of rape by her father - Her mother knew

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The case of the disappearance of 24-year-old Nektaria from Paros has taken a new turn in the last 20 hours. An alarm was initially sounded a week ago at the Authorities when the young woman's parents reported her missing to the Naoussa police station. Shortly afterwards, however, the reversal occurred, as Nektaria left the house voluntarily, after complaining that she had been sexually abused by her own father when she was still a minor. Then she took the ship to Athens, to be hosted in the house of a relative in Kaminia.

When she found out that they were looking for her, she appeared at the security department of Paros, telling the police that she was in good health.

She complained that her father had been raping her since 2016, that is, since she was 15 years old. In fact, she has filed a lawsuit against him, while as she claimed, she had left her house in Paros two other times in the past, for the same reason.

The 20-year-old's lawyer had spoken on Alpha's "Tlive" show, stating the following: "even if it was too late, the mouths were opened. I have received phone calls and messages confirming Nektaria's allegations. The gentleman in the area does not have a good name, some even fear him. "Since she was 14, she has been sexually abused, beaten and psychologically abused."

"There is structure and coherence in her speech. I have no doubt about what he says. Residents of the island also called me and told me about an incident two years ago, about a beating. The girl had also suffered a nervous breakdown. Lies that her mother does not know. "Nektaria wanted to sue when she was 14 and her mother stopped her", added the 20-year-old's lawyer.

The statement from the Child's Smile and the calls that confirm the information

"Another case, another child who continues to suffer in his adult life due to the indifference to find a solution in time. "The life of the 20-year-old girl today continued to be ruined until she reached adulthood, now being systematically exploited, deprived of the opportunity that every child, every person has in life, care and prosperity", points out the "Child's Smile" .

Then, the "Smile of the Child" notes that the adult did not disappear but, as she characteristically stated, she left her home voluntarily due to sexual abuse she received from her father since 2016, that is, from the age of 15 years. The adult has left for the same reason twice before and has filed a lawsuit against her father.

For this case in the "National Hotline for Missing Adults 1017" "The Smile of the Child" received calls confirming information about the abuse received by the adult from the age of 15 by a relative.

Then, "The Smile of the Child" contacted the Service Officer of the Police Department of the place of origin of the adult, who confirmed the repeated escapes of the girl, as well as the fact that the family in question is monitored by the Social Services, and the girl from Psychologist. In this communication, the Organization stated that the adult may be in possible danger, stating his availability, in order to help find her. In addition, he stated that in case she is located, "The Smile of the Child" is willing to support her holistically in whatever is needed.

Finally, for the family in question "The Smile of the Child" received and forwarded to the competent prosecutor two reports, in 2013 and 2016. These reports concerned the physical abuse of children by the father and mother, as well as possible sexual exploitation of underage girls by third parties knowingly of the mother.