The dismantling of a terrorist network in Greece and the connection with Cyprus

EL.AS proceeded to arrest two men of Pakistani origin, while a third, also Pakistani, based in Iran, is being prosecuted

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The Greek Police and the National Intelligence Service proceeded to dismantle a foreign-directed terrorist network that was planning attacks on Jewish targets in Greek territory.

Specifically, EL.AS. proceeded to the arrest of two men of Pakistani origin, while a third, also Pakistani, based in Iran, is being prosecuted, and is being examined if he is connected to radical organizations in the country.

The same information states that they were organizing an attack on a Jewish synagogue in the center of Athens.

The tangle began to unravel after two events that came to the attention of EYP:

First, the arrest of Pakistanis in Cyprus, in 2021, for an attack they were planning on an Israeli target.

A year later (2022), following new arrests of Pakistanis, this time in Turkey, while they were planning an attack on an Israeli target in Istanbul.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed of the above two events and since then, in cooperation with the Anti-Terrorist Service, members of the Pakistani community who were suspected of radical activity were put under surveillance. In fact, investigations were carried out all over the country.

Kathimerini Hellados reports that, approximately 45-50 days ago, the two arrested were located in Zakynthos and Sparta. In cooperation with the Counter-Terrorism Service, they were brought in and held for administrative deportation, with the authorities confiscating their mobile phones and, following a search, the digital evidence emerged.

In particular, since declassification, their communications with a third person, a Pakistani citizen, living in Iran, were found, who urged them, in exchange for payment, to carry out an attack - bomb or armed - on the restaurant - Jewish synagogue, which operates in the center of Athens

According to the same information, in one of the communications the "mastermind" was asking the two men to carry out an attack with a firearm and they replied that they were unable to find weapons. In a subsequent communication they are asked to carry out a gas cylinder bombing.

Mossad assistance

According to a Jerusalem Post report, the Mossad helped Greece dismantle an Iranian terrorist cell, according to a statement from the Prime Minister's Office on Tuesday night.

The same publication states that the Mossad "helped Greece analyze and dismantle Iran's operational procedures to solve the puzzle of the crime and the method of operation of the terrorist organization involved."

"This is another example of Iran trying to use terror against Israeli and Jewish targets abroad," Israel's intelligence service said.

The same publication highlights Mossad's assistance "in identifying the connection between the local terrorist cell in Greece and Iran's wider global terrorist operations." "Together with our partners, we will play our role without rest to prevent Iran's intentions to cause harm to the entire world," a Mossad statement added.

The planned coup in Cyprus

Cypriot press reports state that in mid-October 2021, the Cypriot police arrested a Pakistani man, as he was suspected of planning to execute Israeli businessmen in Cyprus. The arrested person was allegedly working with 38-year-old Azero, who was also arrested.

The 27-year-old resident of Paphos, originally from Pakistan, was arrested during a surprise operation in his apartment, where three mobile phones were found and confiscated. He was accused of being an accomplice of Azeros, who - a month earlier - had been arrested in Nicosia and a revolver was found on him.

The same reports state that Israel said that Iran tried to carry out a "terrorist attack" targeting Israeli businessmen in Cyprus, following reports of an assassination attempt on the Israeli-Cypriot billionaire.

The Iranian embassy in Nicosia told Reuters that Israel "always makes baseless accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran".