The girl who harassed Vangelis Kakouriotis on stage: "I had been drinking, I don't remember anything" (BINTEO)

The girl who harassed the singer Vangelis Kakouriotis on stage gave an explanation - Watch the viral video

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An uproar has erupted in the last 24 hours with a video on TikTok where it shows him Vangelis Kakouriotis to accept sexual harassment on stage while being sung by a fan of his.

In the video, while the Vangelis Kakouriotis sings, a woman from the crowd comes up on the dance floor, hugs him and tries to kiss him, with the artist looking like he's in a difficult position as he tries to politely push her away.


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This woman spoke on the show "Super Katerina" to ALPHA and explained her behavior by saying:I do not remember anything! I went to a party of my friend. It is the first time in my life that I go to the bouzoukis and I drank a little more. I did not understand anything".

He later admitted the mistake and apologized: “A thousand apologies, I put on a big show. I went to the bouzoukis to party».