Nikolouli, the 3 children and the red jacket of the "killer"

What Nikolouli says about the death of 3 children in Patras


Angeliki Nikolouli gave an interview to Real Life. The main topic of the interview in the Greek newspaper was of course the death of 3 children in Patras. This is news that has occupied the nation for several weeks.

The journalist also referred to the moments when she appeared shocked on the air of her show, after receiving information about the case, emphasizing that "apart from being a reporter, I am above all a human being and a mother. "When injustice drowns me, I react."

The Light in the Tunnel became a global trend with the case of the three children who passed away in Patras. How do you feel;

I want to go as unnoticed as possible. Speaking to you honestly I want to do my job as quietly as possible.

The case in Patras has shocked the whole of Greece, which is waiting for answers. Everyone thinks you know more than you can handle. Apply;

I do my research, trying not to cross the dividing lines. I believe, however, that we will soon have light on this case. It is a wild story for Greek society and as much as I can help. There is a report that has not been aired yet and will be released depending on the developments. I do not want to make noise.

You did not make the noise. Your report is reproduced by social media, sites, shows. How do you feel about what is happening?

I research carefully without listening to the sirens, because a mistake can bring about a reversal.

The whole of Greece "froze" when you said on the show "a dead child can have a voice from his grave".

One of the dead children was "shouting" from the beginning from his grave. I think researchers have heard it.

Have you experienced anything similar all these years?

There are cases, but not in this form. Three children to lose their lives in three years? Fortunately, the doctors realized that something was wrong and rang the alarm bell after the loss of the third child… Many blame the family environment, relatives and friends, who should have realized the frequency of deaths and to help.

We saw you shocked on the show after some information you had, but you did not say anything…

This is the difficulty of broadcasting a live broadcast. When you know that you have in your hands answers to hot questions and you have to balance… It is a double-edged sword, because in no case should the investigation of the Authorities be overturned. Apart from being a reporter, I am above all a human being and a mother. When injustice drowns me, I react.

You have fanatical fans who study you… The following myth has been circulating lately: "When Nikolouli wears red, she knows the killer". After all, is it true that your clothing choices testify to the case?

"I read it too and I laughed! Of course this is not the case. My choice of clothes has more to do with my mood. The truth is that in mystery cases that require difficult research and acrobatic balances, I choose red. The viewers are not doing well with black… ".