Strong explosion in Athens - In the flames building on Syggrou Avenue (VIDEO)

At least three buildings have been severely damaged

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A very strong explosion occurred around 6:00 in the pillars of Olympian Zeus which was noticed in a large part of Athens. The first information speaks of one to three injured. At least three buildings have been severely damaged.

The images show that he initially caught fire in a building opposite the pillars of Olympian Zeus. It is a building that houses an organic company, but there are also apartments. It is not known if this is an explosive device or an accident.

Syggrou has been blocked and strong forces of the Fire Brigade are operating on the spot and there are also ambulances. The fire has spread to a building next to it.

18 firefighters are operating at the scene with 6 vehicles, while until now it is not known what exactly happened.

The shock wave has broken all the windows on the facades of shops and buildings within a range of many meters. Air conditioners have been launched several meters away, even a compressor.

Messages on social media indicate that it was felt as far as Kalamaki.