Shocking story: Negative doctor persuaded his family not to be vaccinated - They all died within a month

The mother and her two sons left the coronavirus within a month.

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There is no end to the family tragedies that have been revealed lately with whole families fighting their own battle every day in the ICUs of the hospitals. Unfortunately, most tragic stories have one thing in common. Most are unvaccinated.

One such story is about an unvaccinated retired military doctor who lost his battle with the coronavirus at the age of 66 in Sotiria.

However, the tragedy does not stop here as, according to, exactly 15 days ago, his 63-year-old brother, Giannis, had also ended up with the coronavirus, while on October 13, their 91-year-old mother had also been hit by the virus.

As the doctor's brother's wife had revealed, both he and her mother-in-law had not been vaccinated, as they had been influenced by the doctor that the coronavirus was a virus like all the others.

Unfortunately, they knew in the hardest way how insidious this virus can become, especially to those who have not been vaccinated.

Nikos Christodoulou was a retired military doctor with a degree in cardiology, a graduate of the SSAS, while he had been demobilized with the rank of lieutenant general.