Kasidiaris: "On June 25 I will be an independent parliamentary candidate"

Kasidiaris: "On June 25 I will be an independent parliamentary candidate"

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"In the elections of June 25, I will be an independent candidate for the first parliament of Athens with the coalition of Independent Candidates under the name HELLENES", announced today (25.05.2023) Ilias Kasidiaris.

In detail, the announcement:

"The declaration of my candidacy will be based on the provisions of the electoral law and on the opinion of Alivizatos: "If Kasidiaris and his friends appear as a "coalition of independents" and not as a party and gather more than 3% of the votes (something very likely now ), bystanders will be able to enter the Parliament. This is explicitly defined by paragraph 1 of article 99 of the electoral law (p.d. 26/2012)".

The coalition of independent candidates is not a party as it does not have a state ballot and is not entitled to state funding, therefore not limited by the unconstitutional Mitsotakis amendments. The votes received by the coalition per electoral district are added up in the territory, just as it is the case with party coalitions, hence the certainty of Alivizatos how we will gather more than 3% of the votes and enter the Parliament close.

In the first elections I did not support any party because as Schertsos explicitly stated: "Whoever receives Kasidiaris support in the first elections will be cut off by the Supreme Court in the second". For this reason I remained aloof and recommended a conscience vote.

But I predicted that the day the system excluded the Greek National Party, some non-existent party would magically appear in the polls to push our voters there. Since I am fully confirmed, I want to ask two direct questions:

Who paid for the very expensive advertisements of the Victory party on the internet and in the Prime time Zone of the mega channel?

Why did Velopoulos vote for the law on the bonus of 50 seats by which his party loses seats and New Democracy takes them?

Mitsotakis ardently desires a controlled so-called "opposition" to his right, with wax ointments and other absolutely directed pieces to complete his ethnonihilationist plans (demographic alteration of Hellenism, assignment of National wealth, Prespes of the Aegean).

We are at the most critical turning point of this great political battle that will affect the future of the Greek Nation. Despite the absolute war we are facing, despite the unprecedented and illegal methods, I firmly believe that at the end of the day, the GREEKS will emerge victorious".