The conclusion of the Archdiocese of Athens for a "miracle-working" priest is falsified

The "light of publicity" sees the final conclusion of the Investigator on the action of the "miracle worker" priest Dimitrios at the Saint Isidores of Athens

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The "light of publicity" sees the final conclusion of the Investigator of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens on the action of the "miracle worker" priest Dimitrios Loupasakis at the Saints of Isidores of Athens, which speaks, among other things, of disobedience and disobedience.

The interrogation which lasted three years - started in 2014 and ended in 2017 with dozens of witness statements - was carried out by order of the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Mr. Ieronymos II and was assigned to the then Secretary of the Episcopal Court of the Archdiocese of Athens, now Metropolitan of Larissa and Tyrnavou, Mr. Ieronymos, following very serious complaints that had seen the "light" of the public in the previous period.

The judicial investigation, as requested in art. 2, of the finding was never made. The conclusion reveals heaps of transgressions, overthrow of the church order, attempt to deceive the faithful by cultivating and exploiting their religiosity by manufacturing "miracles" ("agyrtia"), as well as others that refer to financial scandal ("infidelity"), not only it did not see the light of day, but was essentially filed away without justification.

The first related investigation of "Ellinika Hoaxes" dates back to June 2018, when reports of "miracles" had begun to circulate in the Holy Church of Agia Paraskevi Lagada where the "miracle worker" Timios Stavros had arrived from Saint Isidores of Lycabettus. Then we had spotted the "invalid", who was doing well "miraculously" by the priest, and he had confessed that... he had been walking before.

In April 2022, as Ellinika Hoaxes points out, they identified another case of a "miracle" where it also turned out that a man with multiple sclerosis saw no improvement after touching the "miraculous cross" by Loupasakis.

Moreover, over the years he has claimed, among other things, that "a group of 53 people came and 50 were healed. Because 3 had nothing."

He even went so far as to announce that he even resurrected… the dead.

Finally, it is surprising that while the investigator's investigation reveals "heteroteaching and perversion of the Orthodox and Church morals" he prefers a milder wording ("alteration of those handed down under the Holy Canons") at the request, as he writes, of the Archbishop.

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The text of the Conclusions contains heavy categories, and is as follows:

"In view of all the above, I respectfully propose the following:

1. That the competence of Elder Dimitrios Loupasakis, Cleric of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, be investigated by psychiatric experts.

2. That the charges against Elder Dimitrios Loupasakis of Georgios, Vicar of the Holy Church of Saint George the Painter, assigned to the Holy Archbishop's Chapel of Saints Isidores of Lycabettus, be further investigated:

a) return,

b) to the petitioner to change the category handed down under the Holy Canons, which are formulated in this way due to the patristic consensus of the Blessed Archbishop of Athens and all Greece etc. Hieronymus II, not wanting the formulation of accusations of heterodox and perversion of Orthodox and Ecclesiastical morals against a Clergyman of His Canonical Jurisdiction,

c) in defiance and contempt of the Bishop in question, and also of the special documents and Encyclicals of the Blessed Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, etc. Jerome II regarding the administration of the Holy Archdiocesan Chapels provided instructions,

d) insult to the Holy Sacrament of Marriage and to the accuser of gross negligence in the care of the accused's family,

e) moral self-sacrifice to superiors of ordination performed as such in ignorance of the superiors ordaining,

f) disobedience,

g) usurpation of the Ministry of Spiritual Fatherhood,

h) conspiracy, faction and party to overthrow the existing ecclesiastical and legal order regarding the Holy Archbishop's Chapel of Saint Isidore of Lycabettus, and the creation of a Monastic Brotherhood without the permission and blessing of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, and

i) clearly scandalizing the conscience of the faithful.

3. That the charge of continuous and consecutive embezzlement of the Holy Money be converted into a charge of violation or dereliction of duty by abuse of authority, as well as of disloyalty regarding such service.

4. That the above-accused Clergyman be definitively acquitted of the charges of: a) insulting, otherwise by slander against Clergy and Bishops, as well as laymen, and b) slander, otherwise by lying against Clergy and Bishops, as well as laymen.

5. That no mitigating factor should be recognized for the accused, as a recidivism of being subject to these illegal offenses, proven by previous Jury Administrative Examinations conducted against him, as it appears from his official file".

Source: Hellinika Hoaxes