Koronovios: Which Greek islands are in danger of becoming "orange"

Both Attica and Thessaloniki remain under the "microscope"

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The epidemiological map is being examined today by the Infectious Diseases Committee at its meeting, while the situation on the islands seems to be in the spotlight as the Delta mutation brought an "explosion" of cases.

According to information, during today's briefing on the course of the coronavirus in Greece, there will be a reminder for a strong recommendation for the use of the mask outdoors where there is congestion.

Regarding Mykonos, there seems to be a stabilization in the number of cases and the emergency measures will be lifted from Monday. However, where necessary, point interventions can be made, while no announcements are expected for measures on another island.

Based on the latest data from the daily epidemiological reports of EODY, the focus is on: Paros, Santorini, Ios, Rhodes and Corfu.

It is therefore not excluded that the epidemiological map will be formed with several negative upgrades of areas in the "orange".

At the same time, both Attica and Thessaloniki, where most cases are due to population, remain under the "microscope".

At the same time, according to what the president of EODY told SKAI, the current cases are expected to move to the levels of the last days and reach close to 3.000.

In fact, when asked about the possible mini lockdown, Mr. Arkoumaneas replied that "where the epidemiological data of an area present a problem, there may be restrictive measures to control the pandemic", asking that "both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated" be careful.

Source: cnn.gr