Mad Clip: "He ran about 150 km, and if he wore a belt he would not live", says an expert (VIDEO)

Mad Clip: "He ran about 150 km, and if he wore a belt he would not live", says an expert (VIDEO)

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The news of Mad Clip's death has caused shock and sadness since the early hours of Thursday.

The 34-year-old rapper lost his life in a car accident in the area of ​​Vouliagmeni when he was returning from a wedding. The Porsche luxury car, driven by Mad Clip, veered off course and crashed into a pillar and then a tree.

In fact, late on Thursday night, the internet is making a video that allegedly records the crazy death race of Porsche driven by Mad Clip, just before it deviated from its course and the fatal car accident occurred.

This video was invited to comment on Friday morning by the accident expert, Grigoris Michalopoulos in "Society Hour MEGA". "The driver is acting aggressively. Overtaking on the turn. During the process of the first intersection, it has an uncontrollable course ", commented Mr. Michalopoulos for the video that is circulating and shows Mad Clip's car shortly before the fatal accident.

According to the expert, at the point where the diversion took place it has two consecutive turns. "It seems that the driver moved from left to right, crashed on the edge of the sidewalk from the right and then, 45-50 meters from the point of diversion to the sidewalk, leaves diagonally sliding.

The collision tracks in the vehicle at a speed of about 100 kilometers. Therefore before the accident it would have been much faster. "It ran about 150 kilometers before the collision."

As Mr. Michalopoulos pointed out, the point where the accident took place is a closed turn that the drivers can not overcome at speeds above 70, while the rapper entered the turn at almost twice the speed.

"These conflicts are deadly. "And if he wore a belt, he would not live," he underlined.

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