Mad Clip: The testimonies from the car accident are shocking - "He is inside, completely cut off ..."

The 34-year-old lost control of his Porsche 911, at the height of the church of Panagia Faneromeni in Vouliagmeni. The car crashed into a pillar and a tree

madc Mad Clip

Yesterday's news that the trapper Mad Clip was killed in a car accident in Vouliagmeni plunged into mourning the relatives, friends and associates of the 34-year-old musician.

The 34-year-old lost control of his Porsche 911, at the height of the church of Panagia Faneromeni in Vouliagmeni. The car collided successively with a pillar and a tree and it took the intervention of the Fire Brigade, which operated for two hours in order to be able to free him.

The testimonies of those found at the scene of the accident are chilling

"Crash in front of us now, here in Vouliagmeni, the car was torn to pieces, it became a pie" can be heard in the audio message that was uploaded to Instagram. At the same time, the user notes: "He is inside, completely cut off, his head is stuck inside the steering wheel".

The images from the scene of the accident are shocking and show that the driver had developed a very high speed.

Firefighters who arrived at the scene took more than two hours to free the trapper's body by the time several people had spotted the luxury car and gathered at the scene.

Light on the causes of the accident from deposits and cameras

Authorities have citizen files and footage from cameras in the area and an investigation into the accident is ongoing. Eyewitnesses claimed that the musician was stopped at the traffic light and as soon as he turned green he started with another vehicle developing a very high speed.

Security camera footage shows that while Mad Clip's car loses control, the other vehicle without any contact with it turns right onto a vertical road.

As for the injuries of the 34-year-old, they were mainly in the legs, but it is probable that his death was instantaneous. However, the necropsy-necropsy as well as the toxicological examinations will give accurate answers.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the white Audi R8, which had yellow license plates, was in full swing, it was possible that a right-hand drive seat was constructed and that it was allegedly moving in the area and at the time of the accident.

Audi driver appeared - What he testified

Late last night, the driver of the Audi, who the authorities were looking for, voluntarily appeared to the police and was allegedly involved in the accident that resulted in the death of Mad Clip, something that is also shown in the relevant video document.

According to the information, the man was in the car with his partner and was returning from night entertainment and what he said to the Authorities coincides with the information that the police already had at their disposal.

After the violent collision, the car became an amorphous mass of iron and it took two hours to release it.

It is recalled that Mad Clip, according to Peter Anastasopoulos, returned from a wedding with a friend, when he lost control of the vehicle he was driving, as a result of which he fell on a pillar and then on a tree.

Video documentary

In the video published by the page, it appears that Mad Clip's car starts very smoothly, when the traffic light just outside Vouliagmeni Lake turned green.

Next to him is the vehicle that the traffic police were looking for, which has yellow - possibly British - license plates, and it seems that it starts much faster. The video stops a few moments before the accident.

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