Mom shuts up unacceptable teacher: "No ma'am, my dyslexic son can't make more beautiful letters"

A mother has been publicly posted after a teacher made a comment in her son's writing notebook.

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Mother placed publicly after a note he made teacher in her son's notebook about the letters of.

Specifically, the mother talks about the battle her child is fighting with her dyslexia, while sending a resounding message to teachers. Specifically, as you can see in the photo below, the teacher writes in the student's notebook: "More beautiful letters! You can".

dyslexic letters

A mother's response to a teacher about her son's notebook comment

The mother, in a post on her profile, gives a mouth-watering response to the teacher's comment:

“No ma'am teacher. Can not. He answered you very correctly. Because even sitting down to concentrate on doing the Copy for this kid is a struggle. Battle with dyslexia which has, with her lack of concentration and because unfortunately when he should have nobody helped him to learn to hold the pencil properly and not to get tired and hurt.

And today it took me half an hour to get him to copy because you thwarted his attempt yesterday. I'm tired of seeing kids trying to pick up the pieces because no one is giving them the time, space and care they need to flourish."

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