Wounds are counted in Evia

Anxiety for a 70-year-old missing person

d942252f376f5ec2a6e5953c1655725b Ευβοια, ΠΛΗΜΜΥΡΕΣ

The politics of Evia and the wider area are reminiscent of a bombed-out landscape, the day after the catastrophe that left behind seven dead and one missing person.

Construction machinery begins to remove the thousands of tons of sediments that came down from the slopes and flooded streams and rivers raging waters, which in Politika, exceeded 1,5 meters and in most places the level was two meters.

At the same time, investigations by rescue teams are focusing on Bourtzi, where a 70-year-old man is missing.

More than 2.500 houses are damaged, while the recording by ladders of the Region of Central Greece continues. In Politika and Psachna, but also in the wider area such as the villages of Steni, Pournos, Kambia, huge damages have been recorded in houses and infrastructure as well as in the road network.

Since yesterday, earthmoving machines have been working on the main road to Politika to restore traffic.

Source: Sigmalive