An image-1000 words: The cry of despair of an 81-year-old fire victim in Evia

Fire in Evia - Fist in the stomach the photo with the Gouves wrapped in flames

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Photos and videos from the catastrophic fire that destroys everything in its passage in northern Evia are making the rounds of the world.

Fortunes, dreams and toils of a lifetime turned to ashes in just a few minutes, with the sun hidden by thick smoke.

The photo of the SOOC photographer, Konstantinos Tsakalidis, from Gouves, at the time when the blaze has reached the village, captures exactly the nightmarish situation that prevails on the beautiful island.

The image went viral within a few hours. An image reminiscent of the "Scream" of Edward Munch. An old woman makes one last cry before she sees her house engulfed in flames, unable to intervene, to save it.

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