Mother of 2-year-old: "I went to make milk for her and by the time I came back she had disappeared"

Tragic end in the search for the 2-year-old girl – She was found dead

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The 2-year-old girl who disappeared in Pyrgos had a tragic end, as she was found dead yesterday. The unfortunate little Roma was found in an irrigation canal in the area of ​​Kataraghi, near the SETHIL camp.

The devastated mother of the child spoke to the media, shortly after the authorities found the child and stated that the two-year-old never went there, while she said that the child did not go near the water because she was afraid of it and did not know how to bathe.

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In particular, the mother initially said: "She had asked for the little milk, I went inside to make milk for her and when I came out the child had disappeared. I was calling out, asking if anyone had seen her, but nothing. Then I called the police and we started searching the irrigation canal because the canal is near us. I don't know how the child got there, he never went." In fact, he added that "We had put a dog there to keep him from approaching, but the child did not go to the canal, he was afraid of water, he did not know how to bathe. I'm miserable, I lost a two-year-old child, I lost my Panagiota," says the mother of the two-year-old girl.

"We saw the little girl with her eyes closed and grass on her head," said a man who lives in the camp.

It is recalled that since yesterday, police officers, firefighters and EKAV rescuers have been investigating a large radius on the western side of Pyrgos, starting from the area of ​​the camp and ending in the ditch near Filothei.

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The operation was suspended during the night, and resumed at the first light of day.

In the investigations, in addition to the OPKE police officers. and the firefighters of P.Y. Pyrgos, a special search and rescue team from the 6th E.M.A.K. of Patras with the assistance of a trained dog.

"More power is needed to find the child"

Immediately upon learning of the little girl's disappearance, the president of the Greek Gypsies Association, Asimakis Korakis, stated the following: "As you can see, a tragic event has taken place. A small child has gone missing. The Fire and Police are trying with all their might to find it. From what I understand though, it takes even more power to get into the water and find the child. According to what they have said, the child was sleeping, he woke up suddenly and since then his traces have been lost. After a while, the other child who was with him woke up and informed his mother that the child went to the ditch. And the mother got up and from then on the child was lost."

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