Mykonos: Complaints about a crown party in villas

Illegal parties in villas a problem for businessmen - "Task force" announced Hardalias


Piles of complaints from Mykonos professionals about illegal parties in villas on the island, at a time when measures are in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus, with the Civil Protection taking action to deal with such phenomena, as tourism has opened.

Specifically, the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias announced the establishment of a special unit of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

In particular, when asked about information and complaints regarding the preparatory actions for the organization of a crown party in Mykonos, as well as in other islands, Mr. Hardalias replied during the briefing by the Ministry of Health tonight that the control framework for such situations is being tightened.

The special control unit of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, in cooperation with the police, will intensify the controls both on islands and on the mainland.

As Nikos Hardalias pointed out, illegal party means dispersion, dispersion means increase of cases, increase of cases means congestion, congestion means measures, ie closure of activities, ie huge damage to tourist areas. He called on everyone to take action and assume their responsibilities.

"Those who will try to outlaw, should not be the ones who will curse when we impose measures" to deal with the outbreak of coronavirus cases, he stressed.

The complaints of the professionals of Mykonos

The two major Associations of the island of winds in the field of catering and entertainment throughout the island, S.E.D.E.M. with a joint open letter to the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the co-responsible ministers protested once again for the illegal parties in the villas.

The island's businessmen and professionals, who are affected by time constraints and music bans, face an additional problem that is exacerbated by these bans.

As they say:

"Health security is a priority for all of us, while the 'digital vaccination certificate' will contribute to the increase of tourism," he said.

The brand name of Mykonos has been associated with entertainment, which, unfortunately, can not be offered by legal companies, while it is offered by those who organize illegal parties, due to loopholes in the legislation or due to insufficient policing.

The issue of organizing illegal parties in villas is known from most of the complaints that have been submitted since last year, while we have repeatedly raised it with their public announcements before the start of the season and the 2 clubs. Last season, however, there was a legal framework that prohibited private events due to COVID-19.

Today, however, it is no longer forbidden to organize events / parties in private spaces (eg villas), which are converted into outdoor entertainment centers, with sound photorhythmic facilities, stage, bar, waiters, reception and even sparklers.

Already, there have been many parties on our island and information is circulating about the planning of much bigger parties, with the participation of world-famous dj's, with at least 500 participants each time from all over the world. Apart from the health risks that this practice poses, it obviously leads in losses of taxes, insurance contributions and unfair competition while at the same time there are suspicions and complaints for illegal acts.

We are waiting for the immediate actions of the government, including the legislators, so that these parties do not take place, which are uncontrollable health bombs and are likely to lead the island and the professionals to new difficult situations.

Only island professionals can ensure the rules of health safety, as they did last year - despite the dramatic financial losses - and only the liberalization of hours and music, with rules, will finally ensure that illegal parties are kept to a minimum. villas.

For the Board of S.E.D.E.M. Ioannis Theocharis

For the Board of S.E.H.O.M Iraklis Zisimopoulos ".